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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friends, Tags & Birthdays!

Whitney & Abbey came to see me and lil man last night! It was so good to see them and just TRY to catch up! It was WAY past lil man's bed time but he played with them for a little bit!

With Miss Whitney!
This morning before church, things had gotten TOO quite, so I peaked around the corner & Ryder was playing with this little tags I have put on the baskets in the bookshelf to label things. He has started to have a thing for "tags" lately...TY beanie baby tags, the lil nap brand tags on blankets, stuff animals, clothes...EVERYTHING! I'm in the process of making him a lil taggie blanket that has little tags all the way around, which I know he will LOVE!

He finally got what he crawled all the way over there to get..or should I say scooted!?

I sat him up to help him reach better, & then he found another one, closer to his level! At one point he had one in each hand!

We went to church this morning, and he did great in the nursery, like usual...he never sleeps though because there is just TOO much going on! After church we headed to Greenbrier to see Papa John because today is his 85th birthday! WOW! He was born in 1925! He was doing great and was so glad to see lil man! It was the first time we have had Ryder, Garrett, Dad & Papa John all together at the same time!

Climbing on everything while mommy's trying to take a pic!

Blowing out the candles on his cobbler--his favorite!

Papa John giving Ryder some kisses!

4 generations!
Pops, Papa John with Ryder & Uncle G

Laughing with Pops in the mirror!

He LOVES you!

Uncle G let Ryder demolish a paper plate! Finally had to throw it away!

With Uncle G!

Ryder wanted that cake SO bad! It was SO SO funny...Uncle G had to hold him back really tight! HA!

I told him he could have his very own in about 6 months!

All of us with Papa John! =)

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