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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey's deserves it's own post tonight....

WARNING:  If you have not watched the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy...do not proceed with this post.  But come back after you've watched it!  =)

So...my thoughts!  (Besides OMG!)

-I called Mr. Clark being the shooter since last weeks sneak peek.
-I only thought that like ONE person was going to get shot, not TWENTY!
-Yang is always so full of herself, and I hate it, but she wasn't this week...the ONE week when she needed to be!  But she pulled through & did what we all knew she could!
-Meredith LOVES Derek!  She was so brave to say what she did...(being pregnant no less)
-I balled when she was having a miscarriage.
-I teared up when Charles Percy died.
-Bailey is such a good actress....SO good!
-I would have probably lied and said I was a nurse if I was a surgeon too.
-No...I probably would have been one of those stupid people to tell him he shouldn't be here, and try & make him follow the rules, and just get shot!  HA!
-I was so mad at that April girl...she is so dumb.  DUMB.  DUMB.  DUMB.
-Derek is SO fine.  Period.
-I really thought he wasn't gonna get shot there for a second.
-I didn't really care one way or the other concerning who Owen picked, but I guess I'm glad he picked Yang.
-By no means am I for lesbianism, but I was kinda glad Arizona & Callie got back together.
-I knew Arizona would want to have kids after she protected that lil girl.
-We all know Izzie's not coming back to the show, but I kinda wish she was since Alex "saw" her.
-I think Lexie will stay with Alex, but it will be an "iffy" relationship because of what he said about Izzie.
-I think deep down inside Lexie wants to go back to Sloan & be his wife.
-I wish she would, but I think she's too scared.
-When Owen started acting all funny in the scrub room to Mer & April, I SO called the shooter being in the OR.
-I guess Reed & Percy didn't have much of a purpose on the show anyways...?
-Where was Bailey's b/f?  I heard he signed with another show anyways...
-Part of me doesn't like Chief Webber, but then part of me is proud of him.
-I wonder if Mer will tell Derek that she WAS pregnant?
-This finale wasn't NEAR as sad as last years...I balled and balled & BALLED & BALLED & BAAAALLLLED!  (Being pregnant didn't help!)
-That hospital is gonna be PRETTY messed up next season...hospital meaning the staff.  PTSD.
-I thought I had anxiety before, now I'm really going to be freaked out.
-I know "it's just a show" but maybe hospitals should have guns here & there?  Just a thought.
-Avery is a hott doctor, and was SO smart to save all their lives.
-I really thought Owen was gonna get Mr. Clark there for a second.
-I wish Mr. Clark hadn't have been a coward so he could have suffered.

Can't wait for next season!

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