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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DONE with school...for now!

I have wanted to blog ALL week, but have been too busy "trying" to study (key word TRYING).  It has kinda been hard to study with a fast crazy lil crawling on the move!

One day this week, he got into the magazine/newspaper rack, and by the time I saw it, I just left him have fun and too it as a photo opt!  He LOOOVED it, and has started to cheese for the camera when he knows he's up to something!  :P

"Look what I've done MOM!"
Tearing right through it like it's not even there!

And then one day...he spit up on his shirt so I let him run around like this, and just thought he was took cute!

"I love being outside!"

This is really what I've been doing all week!  We ventured outside for a little bit one day to change things up a bit, but it got hot pretty fast!  So glad finals are over, and no more school for me till June!

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