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Monday, May 24, 2010

last few days...

Punkin' played outside while I painted a few things a few days ago...he LOVES being outside!  I gave him a stick to play with (that's what's in his hand!)

Morgan came over to workout one afternoon..and he would not leave her alone!  It was so cute & funny, I had to pause my workout to get a pic!  HAHA!

Mom & I grilled out on Saturday night and Punkin' had just woken up from a nap (hence the hair!) & we let him roam around on the patio before dinner.  I caught him put a rock or two in his mouth, but must have missed the leaf he ate that he ended up choking on later.  Mom had to hit his back pretty hard to get it out.  I was one scared Mama!

My sweet lil always-movin' Punkin'!

I am done making my baby food for now!  We will see how long it lasts!  I made carrots, apples, pears, sweet potatoe & a lil mixture of sweet potatoe & pears!  He is doing alot better eating it now...except for the carrots.  I guess their still a little too chunky for him!

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  1. Hi Kati! So glad you found me! It's too neat that Ryder was born on 09.09.09 too!
    My husband and I were actually married on 06.07.08 and T came along on 09.09.09... crazy huh?
    Anyway, Ryder is too precious!
    And I'm a new follower... love the blog!


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