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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baseball & Friends!

Monday Punkin & I got up early, ate breakfast & were out of the house by 10!  Go us!  We (meaning I) went and early voted...half the people I didn't know to vote for, but just guessed!  Ha!  After taking US Government & Politics, I feel even more entitled to GO VOTE than before!  Don't complain about our government or how things are ran if you don't VOTE!  Of course we went to Hobby Lobby and found a few things for lil man's first birthday party! WAHOO!  =)  & nothing I went there looking for!  HA!

That afternoon Conway played Van Buren in the semi-final game for 7A State Tournament.  It was a sad day.  VB played their ace pitcher, and we only got one hit (a HR) the WHOLE game!  They hit a grand slam and two homers in the second inning.  Before the second inning was over, we were already on our third pitcher.  They won fair and square, but it was still sad to see our boys lose.  

Punkin' in one of his new "Rockstar" shirts!

Ryder & Pops!  They sure do love each other...& those Wampus Cats!

He is CRAZY about his KeeKee!

...& hopefully he'll love baseball as much as the rest of of!

G DH-ed again and made contact with the ball both at bats...#11

Tomorrow is a very special person's 21st birthday!  Auntie Pooh--aka Jennifer, but I wouldn't know who "Jennifer" was if you said something about Jennifer!  HA!!  JENNIFER WHO?  Lol...A bunch of us, from all over the state got together to celebrate a little early!  We met at Pei Wei in Little Rock which is OH SO GOOD!  I got a lil cookie cake for everyone to enjoy!  Ryder behaved, and I was so happy to see, visit & catch up with everyone!

Lindsey, Whitney, & Pooh

Me, Ramsi (blog debut), Lauren & Kelly!

All 21 candles...Punkin' reaching for the icing!  

Only Aunties would give an 8 month old sugary icing!  

Punkin & Ramsi...poor thing thought Ryder was gonna whack her with that straw!  HA!

All of us outside!  YEAAH!!  So HAPPY!

...me & my beautiful lil Punkin' (if I can say that about a lil boy!)  I love you SO much!

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