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Sunday, May 16, 2010

"bye-bye" & the "beautiful outdoors"

Punkin' has started to wave & SAY "bye-bye" here in the last week.  He used to always just wave his arms, but when he would do it we would start to do it with him & say "bye-bye".  He finally got the hang of making the "bah" sound and will just wave & "bah bah bah bah" when you do it or someone is walking out the door!    I am so proud of him!  He makes me SO happy!  Maybe I'll try & get a video to post on here!

A lot of nights while dinner is being cooked, dad (Pops) will take Ryder outside to play and enjoy the "beautiful outdoors"!

Dad tried to take Ryder for a ride on the 4wheeler, but when he started to go the louder noise scared Ryder.  This really surprised me, because he has been around noise his WHOLE life, and ON PURPOSE!  He's not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, or carwashes or anything!  We will have to train this boy to LOVE the 4wheeler!  HAHA!

The other night I was making Sour Cream Enchiladas & could see him out the window playing with this big STICK!  I mean BIG!  So...I had to get out there & take some pics!  They turned out cute!  He was so proud of that stick!

"Look what Pops gave me MOM!"

Such a happy little boy!

I love him in his lil cut-off sweats!

On a different front....with no pictures.

Conway Wampus Cat Baseball team played Fayettville yesterday afternoon (who were State Champs 07, 08 & 09).  It was an amazing, AHHMMAAAY-ZING game!  I haven't felt my heart, head or back hurt like that in a LONG time!  The last time I saw the Cats play Fayettville was at Baum Stadium my Senior year with most of my best "guy friends" on the field for the State Championship game, only to loose by a Home Run in the last inning.  It was a TEAR JERKER to say the least.

Oh boys yesterday beat them and KNOCKED them out of the tournament!  WAHOO!  Even if our boys don't it all the way, whoever does it probably glad that we beat them!  HaHa!  I was so proud of the boys!  They played great, and Garrett DHed and had a great single, 2-run RBI!  I love baseball...especially such BIG games, and games where I know the players!  Round 2 is tomorrow @ 4 o'clock!  

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