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Saturday, May 1, 2010

...the end of our week!

Thursday SOAT (Stuck on a Truck) started & of course I was there!  DUH!  I didn't get to go ONE time last year, but every year before then, i was there as much as I could be!  Me and my friends from HS have such GREAT memories under this tent!  What makes us so crazy about sitting there watching people stand there with there hands on a truck for up to 98 hours...not sure, but its SO MUCH FUN!  Anyways...I made sure we were there for the start of it this year, and Ryder got to experience his FIRST SOAT!  We met Nick up there...(another SOAT lover) for some fun and food (Christian Chicken)!!

Not the best pic, but it's all I had!  (The guy in the navy & baby blue polo in the background is the winner from last year--92 hours & 44 mins!)

Friday was Uncle G's 17th birthday and his sweet girlfriend as me and mom to unlock his car Friday morning so she could put some stuff in there, because she wasn't going to be able to see him at all that day!  HOW SWEET!  Here's some pics @ what she did...& the parrot is for GARRETT--it rhymes!  ha!

She buckled him in the front seat!  & some YUMMY chocolate cupcakes!

She did the backseat as well with a poster that said "In one year...you will be able to vote!"  "In one year you will be able to buy a lottery ticket!"  "In one year you will be required to sign up for the draft"  Etc...it was so cute and SWEET!

Ryder loves his Uncle G! (& his cell phone!)  I know Ryder will always look up to Garrett and his friends for many many years to come!

We have had TERRIBLE weather here, and I was afraid Ryder wasn't going to get to go to his first Toad Suck Daze!  :/  It finally cleared up about 2:30 and I called Dell, and said LETS GO!  So we loaded up and headed down town!  Even though it was so hott and humid, we had a blast!  And again..so many allys, streets, parking places, booths, rides, streets, tends hold SO many different memories of the TSD in our past!  Ha!

I know it says "FROG" but you can't really find "TOAD" stuff right?  I bought this last year @ Belk and knew Ryder would be a/r 9 months old a/r TSD, and it ended up fitting great!  I was so glad I got it for him!
The back...HOW CUTE!?
Ryder with his Aunt Dell after we went to a changing station!  HOW NICE!?  & WH O KNEW?!
Punkin', me and Dell in front of SOAT!  (NOTE:  52 hours 40 mins)

& look who else we found!  Ms. Abby Turner!  It was so good to see her & hopefully I'll get to go see her compete in Miss Arkansas this summer!

This next week should be pretty good...three finals and I am done with school till JUNE!  WAHOO!  

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