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Thursday, May 13, 2010

lil update on our week!

MAN I'm behind!  I'll start with Tuesday...

Naynee & her gang came to town, and we met them for lunch at Los Amigos, they like the place & of course I'm not gonna turn down some good ole Mexican!  The kids were so glad to see Ryder, and I was glad to see them & catch up with them a little bit!  Ryder was good most of the time, he would throw a fit here & there if he wanted a puff or something!  

Ryder & Naynee...he was giving her ALL my sugars!!

That night we went over to Mama D's & Coach Macs for some Shorty's burgers!  YUMMM...so healthy right?!  NOT!   Of course Ryder was into EVERYTHING...including their pantry!  Ha!  This is just like another set of grandparents to Ryder, and no one would know any different if they saw them out on the street with him!  

Do you not just LOVE those chunky lil thighs?!

Morgan learned a lot about babies on Tuesday, and did a lot of things for the first time!  I was so proud of her!  She wanted to feed him, change him, put him in his carseat, get his diaper bag ready!  It was SO nice!  I told her she'll learn a lot hanging out with us!  If she is half as as crazy about her own as she is with Ryder, she will be a GREAT mom!  =)

Trying to change Punkin'...but he was getting away from her!


Of course we did a lil shopping that day...and he fell asleep with his hand in Mama D's new baskets!

Morgan feeding Punkin'...YUMMM!

I bought a jar of Stage 3 foods today, and Morgan wanted to try it out on him.  He didn't love the chunks so much.

Wednesday-We went & had lunch with Kelly & Charles!  We love to have lunch with Charles whenever he is in town!  I had been telling them I wanted to take them to Cross Creek Sandwich Shop downtown for SOOO long and we finally got to go!  I think they were impressed...well I hope they were!  We had a great visit, as always and I enjoyed catching up on LIFE!

The boys!

Lovin' on Kelly!

Me & my Punkin'...I don't get enough pictures of the two of us!  : /

Thursday-Today.  Today was a productive day...Punkin' was up a/r 7:30 and MADE me get out of bed! HA!  We went & got the oil changed in my car @ the Nissan place and they even put my new wiper blades on (that have been in my trunk since...January) for FREE!  WAHOO!

Of course being on that side of town I had to get Chick-fil-a.  Duh.

We played alot today...I picked up our room, folded two loads of laundry, organized my old closet a lil bit, put all last semesters binders away, picked up our room some more, got all Ryder's pictures on CDs up to date....I feel like someone slipped aderal (sp?) in my water this morning!  GO ME!

Off for some Garage Saling tomorrow...I told Punkin' he needed to go to bed early tonight, because we would be up BRIGHT & EARLY to find some deals!  We will see!

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