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Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Product Love

Right after I posted my April Product Love Post, I was breaking out so much & it was totally out of control, so I knew I needed to find something a little bit stronger for the time being...especially for summer time.  I hate going & having to guess at which face washes "look good" and then having to go home & try them for a week or two to see if they actually work.  I am happy to report that this was my first try & so far so good!  I use it twice a day, which is something I don't normally do, but I wanted it to WORK gosh darn it!  It smells fab & has a gentle scrub to it with I like...& if you leave it on there a good while it kinda starts to tinkle-which I kinda like!

2.  elf lip gloss from Target

I just realized my picture applicator isn't the one I actually have, but oh well...this stuff is only ONE DOLLAR & I actually like it!  All of their stuff is cheap, & I will say, it's not all the best, but I do like their lipgloss for the one dollar price tag.  It has a bit of minty flavor to it & shoot you can stock up in all the colors for just a dollar a piece!  I have also been putting it on underneath my Skinnygirl stuff seen below. 

I know this is random, but I can't stop eating these!  They are just YUM!!  R is even eating them sometimes with me, & calls them "circle crackers, not square ones".  They are just YUMMY--that's all I have to say!  Great with cheese cubes too!

4. Country Chic Fragrance Mist from Bath & Body Works

This is the perfect little spray for summer time, when you don't want to use your regular perfume.  It's just enough country, with just enough sweet!  ;)

I've had this a while & really like the way it looks on my lips--I actually have it in Peach, not Nude Sparkle.  It does literally make your lips tinkle & I just like to think it's making my lips look full & pooch out!  :P  It's the perfect combo to go with my elf lip gloss from above, but is also great by itself!  It stays on a good while, especially for a WM gloss.  I will say the applicator is plastic & not my favorite, but I've gotten over that!  :P

What I'm MOST excited to share with you guys today!  =)  Note, that this is a DEBIT card, not a CREDIT card {dad...;)}.  It's a card, just for Target, that links straight to your bank account, just as your  regular debit card does...but here's what so GREAT about it...every time you use it, you get 5% off.  I know that may not sound like much, but it's SOMETHING.  I find myself wishing I could use my Target debit card every where now, so I can get 5% off!  Ha!  It has made me start to get things at Target now that I would normally just get on my weekly Wal Mart room...so I guess that's a good thing for them, & myself!  Ha!  & of course...no trip to Target is complete without buying things you didn't go there for--it just seems to have that power & control!  It's very simple to apply, just take a blank check with you next you go to Target & they will fix you up!  There really isn't any reason you shouldn't have one of your own!  ;)

Something a little different this month...
I want you to share with me in the comments what are some of your favorite things right now?  What are somethings that you love, that I should try?!  I would love to hear about things I haven't discovered yet & give them a try for myself!


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