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Thursday, May 3, 2012

April LOVE--

I used to a "monthly" product love back in the day...& I kinda miss it!  So I thought I would start it back up, even though I may not do it every month!  Feel free to do a "PRODUCT LOVE"  post on your blog & leave me a message in the comments letting me know you did a post as well, so I can see what I'm missing out on & need to try!  ;)

{OPI gelcolor Cajun Shrimp}

My friend Morgan just recently bought a UV light to do gel nails at her house...& OMG!  I will never pay for a manicure again!  I have on cajun shrimp right now...& have had it on for a good week, and no chips or anything just yet!  Love it--& can't wait to try out some different colors!

{Insulated CamelBack water bottle}
I've mentioned it before...but this doesn't leave my side.  It's like an adult zippy cup, & I love that it doesn't sweat!  This is how I make sure I am getting the needed amount of water every day!

{Neutrogena naturals fresh cleansing & makeup remover}
I tried this out a while back, thinking about the chemicals I was putting on my face, & was drawn in by the word "naturals".  I am also all about using a face wash that doubles as a makeup remover as well.  I was more than happy with this face wash after a couple of weeks, it smells FAB, and gets all of my waterproof mascara off-score! 

{Neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer}
I had never used a moisturizer before putting on my make-up & I know I should...so when I bought the face wash from above, I decided to try this out as well.  I wish it had SPF in it, but it doesn't. You only need a little bitty bit, but I've enjoyed using it, it also make me feel good knowing I'm giving my skin some multi-vitamins as well!

So...what are YOU loving right now?!

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