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Friday, May 25, 2012

Wedding Weekend in GA

The weekend we have been waiting for since July finally arrived!  My lil love birds & only cousin on my dad's side of the family were getting married!!  Tonya & I are only a year apart, & she has always been like a little sister to me since I never had one!  Her family moved away to GA when I was in the fourth grade but we've still stayed pretty close since then & we have been very blessed to see each other as often as we have over the passed few years.  

We made our way to GA on Thursday & got there around 9 o'clock & checked in to our hotel.  Luckily there was a Joe's Crab Shack right across the street with a playground!  YAY!  After 2 year old lil boy has been in the car ALL.DAY.LONG a playground was exactly what he needed!  We filled up our bellies & went straight to bed to prepare ourselves for the next few days!


Bride & MOH
Bridesmaid with our Bride {minus Kate}
Tonya with her mom!
After the luncheon, we were all out in the middle of the square & next thing we knew R was running up to all of us & wanted to see the fountain.  A lot of them had never met him before so this was kind of a big deal!  :P  Dad had dropped mom & I off at the luncheon and taken R off of our hands for a little bit!  R loved the fountain & I was so glad he came to see us!
Tonya with her mom & all of her aunts that were at the luncheon--missing one!
Tonya & her Aunt Kelly!
Tonya with her flower girl-Amber
Tonya with Emily...who happens to now be her SIL! {I pray for a relationship with my future SIL that these two have with each other! ;) }

We went back to the hotel for about an hour, I got R to lay down & take a nap, & I had a chance to sit down & check Twitter for the first time all day! :P  & then it was time to get ready for rehearsal!  

Is this church not just beYOND gorg?!

Jordan & I!  I've known her since summer after my senior year in HS I think...so good to see her again!
Their "guestbook" for the wedding was a photo-book with blank pages!  I LOVED the idea!
The programs were perfect & matched the invites
All the bridesmaids finally together!
Are they not adorbs?!  I love that they matched!  :P
We made our way to the rehearsal dinner from the church--& Uncle G, my parents & little man met us all there!  I can not even begin to tell you how good dinner was!  Oh man...if only I could go back & eat it again!  Ha!
We sat at a table with Emily & John (Luke's brother & his wife), Tony'a cousin Jimmy & his wife from California & their two kids Amber & Jason.  Ryder was in love with little Amber...he even moved his chair to sit by her!  Ha!
We had brownies & ice cream for dessert & R ate all of his ice cream...and the rest of mine!  Ha!


She was already such a beautiful bride before she even got her dress on!  She is very particular about her hair--always--so she REALLY was on her wedding day, but it seriously turned out PERFECT & her bangs couldn't have looked ANY better than they did!  We sprayed those suckers into place so they wouldn't move!  :P

Not the best pic...but it's all I got.  {still mad I left my real camera in AR :(}
We got to watch their "first look" on the TV in our room!  Hehe!  They were both so calm & chill...it was great!
I was so glad when my little man got there!  He looked so handsome!  =)
...& of course he had to get a pic with his flower girl friend!  

Pretty ladies!  Jordan & Christina!  
I stole this from Tonya's Twitter...RIGHT after they got married!!  AHH!
The Taylor family...yes this is Luke's side!  Ha!
Tonya's dad's side of the family...from all over TN, OK, CA, & AR!  

Uncle G was an usher & I thought he looked so nice & someone else was obsessed with my flowers!  Ha!

...we were seriously just trying to get ONE good pic.  Ha!

My lil ham talking to the ladies...of course!  ;)
The only picture I have from the reception...I was too busy chasing a crazy man around!  :P  It was at a beautiful beaUtiful older home.  There were two rooms that had food in them, and then one big room with a band and dance floor.  There were porches outside with tables & chairs & even some out scattered on the lawn.  It was really neat & such a unique set up from most receptions, but I loved it!  One thing I'll never forget was the warm brie that that had--OMG!  It was too good to be true & calories did NOT count that day!  :P  There was also a fun photo booth that we did went in about 5 times!  Ha!  

It truly was a beautiful and perfect wedding that I am so glad I got to be apart of!  Now I wanna go back & relive it!  I enjoyed being with people I don't hardly ever get to to see so that made it even more special!
I miss my Ton & haven't even talked to her since the reception...her & Luke are in Jamaica & should be home in the next few days!  & then she gets to start her big girl job & wifey job!  :P
We came straight home from the reception around 4 & crashed OUT!  But not for long..we all went back to Tonya's parent's house for some yummy shrimp & grits with the whole fam!  No pictures from that night either because I was seriously just trying to relax!  ;)


Thank goodness for Poppy's iPad!
There was a horrible, HORRIBLE wreck in Memphis...they shut down all 5 lanes on the interstate & made us cross the median and turn around.  It was frustrating, but also heartbreaking when we saw the cars that were involved...I couldn't even tell you what model they were.  
The trip was short & sweet & jammed packed with fun, friends, family & making memories!  Can't wait to see more pics from the weekend from Tonya when she get home!

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