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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

R's last day of MDO-

What a wonderful year R had at MDO this passed year!  It has truly been such a BLESSING to not only him, but me as well!  I never ever worried about him when I dropped him off because I knew he was in great hands, and with his friends, learning about the Lord and having a big'ole time and not suck at home with me all day! :P  He learned so much at MDO this year, he would be singing a new song, or telling me about something, and I would say, "Where did you learn that...?" "At school..." It made my heart so happy that not only were those things being taught, but that he was actually learning them as well!

{2 years, 8 months & six days}

 {His first day of school in September!  Just one week shy of turning 2!}
{One of my favorite pictures of us}

We are so thankful for his wonderful teachers Ms. Anna & Ms. Angie!  We are going to miss seeing them and their kids!  They were so sweet my lil man and put up with him on his "off days" and the more times than not..when he wouldn't take a nap!  ;)

I would HIGHLY recommend MDO to any mom!  Even if you don't need the childcare, it is a GREAT opportunity for your child to get out of the house and learn to interact with other kids their age, and start to learn how being in a classroom works for when they do go on to Kindergarden in a few years!  Not to mention, it gives mom a little bit of a break, to do things like go to the grocery store ALONE!  Ha!

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