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Monday, May 7, 2012

Project 365...Week 18

{April 29}
Lil night walk around the neighborhood!  R loves walking & will actually stay in the stroller!

 {April 30}
Mommy had 3 papers/projects due on Wednesday & hadn't even started them till Tuesday night!  :O  Thankful for my parents bringing me this iced vent caramel macchiato!   

{May 1}
I had an 8 am final & Ryder's school doesn't start until 8:30, so I asked my dad to take R to school for me.  Of course they stopped by McDonald's for some breakfast first!  :P 

{May 2}
I had to turn in a paper & knew it wouldn't take five minutes, so I just brought R with me to class & he LOVED it!  Ha!  So did my professor!  We ran into JT & Uncle G which made R's day! 

{May 3}
We went to the Toad Store the day before to get R a Toad Suck shirt.  He wore it to school on Thursday, & they made these cute lil toad hats!   

{May 4}
Last minute Friday morning I decided I wanted to take R to Disney on Ice...THAT night!  Ha!  Luckily I found some tickets & his daddy went along with us!  It was a fun lil adventure!  Thanks Poppy! =)

{May 5}
We ventured down to TSD with the rest of the town!  OMG was it HOTT!  We did everything we wanted to do...raced a toad, saw Mr. & Mrs. Toad, road rides, ate a corn dog on a stick, road the magic carpet, drink three lemonade & watched Stuck on a Truck for a little bit!  Ryder did great & never once complained about walking around!  We both came home & took a 3 hour nap!  :P 


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