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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Project 365...Week 21

{May 20}
Time for us to head home from GA!  Thank goodness for iPads.  There was a HORRIBLE wreck in Memphis...it shut down all 5 lanes of the interstate & we all had to turn around, it was pretty sad.   

{May 21}
I had a Dr.'s appointment that R went to with me, the crazy kid loves to pee outside!  :P  & Poppy got a new "boat"...R was "fishin'" in this pic!  Ha! 

{May 22}
 Outside fun!  I love when Punkin' can run around without a shirt on during the summer!

{May 23}
Sweet boy asleep on the couch... 

{May 24}
He was laying on top of me watching TV...I loved it! 

{May 25}
I found him like this on my bed one morning reading a book!  :P 

{May 25}
& Saturday night was Allie's Bachelorette Party!  WAHOO!  {More pics to come!}


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