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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tonya's a College Grad!

Saturday morning, Punkin' & I were up eating breakfast watching Yo Gabba Gabba I'm sure & Luke (my cousin's fiancé) text me asking if I wanted to web link to watch Tonya graduate from Georgia Tech!  Well heck yes!  So I ran & got my laptop & got where I needed to be, right as they were announcing, "College of Management"! YAY!!  That was her!

{I snapped this as they were walking up...}
{Shaking the guys hand...}

 {& finishing her walk across stage!}

I am such a proud BIG cousin...{even though she beat me at graduating from college :P} haha!  From what I have heard her speak out her degree & her career path, she is going seriously do a great, & be such an amazing addition at her new job & truly has a passion for what she is doing--that is very evident!  & yes, she already has a big girl job!  Another reason I am so proud!  =)  Not to mention...she's getting married in like...TEN DAYS!!

We love you Ton, & since we couldn't be at your graduation, this was the next best thing!  ;)


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