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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Sunday morning we went to "early" church for us...& I am seriously NEVER late for church, but it was Mother's Day, so I slept in a little bit just because I could!  ;)  I was only like 5 minutes late, but again...so not like me!  We headed to my parents afterwards to exchange gifts real quick before we changed & headed out to the river...

 Punkin' bringing me my gift & saying "Happy Mother's Day!"  So sweet!  =)

 & these as as good as the pictures got!  That's what happens when you have a two year old BOY!  ;)

Ryder got KeeKee this little sign I thought was too funny!  ;)  & it is definitely true about KeeKee & Poppy!

It was time to head to the river to see every body.  We weren't only celebrating our mother's, but also April & May birthdays, and kinda a "going away" party for my sweet cousin Dawson who is leaving for basic training for the guard tomorrow.  It was a bitter sweet time, but we are so proud of Daws and all that he has and is going to accomplish!  We will miss seeing him at family gatherings, but am so proud of what he is doing!

 Ryder man & Daws!  (R is in dressed like these because he was painting outside & I didn't want his clothes to get messed up!)
Dawson & Garrett...Garrett is also leaving us for a little bit (only 9 weeks) to go to Kaleo in Destin, FL so this was kinda a "good bye" for a while for everybody!  Again, I am just so proud of both of these boys & the two different routes they are taking with their lives right now!

 On our way home, we dropped R off at Mimi & Pawpaw's for the night!  He sure does love it out there & am so glad!  Before we even left, he was already "dressed" and outside watering Mimi's roses!

 This is real life!  Haha!  He is a "country boy" he says!  :P

I love him so much & am so blessed & undeserving to call him my son, and SO thankful to be his mom!


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  1. How cute! Looks like he's Mimi's big helper. My daughter enjoys working in the yard with my mom "watering" the plants as well. Lol

    Mandi @theSassyFitMom


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