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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project 365...Week 19

{May 6}

I love when my sweet baby falls asleep on the couch & I get to carry him to bed!  Weekends always wear him out!

{May 7}
Uncle G took lil man fishing at the country club!  He was so excited about it!  He got to real in a few himself & I tagged along to take pics!

{May 8}
Tuesday morning Ryder's MDO had "Muffins for Moms!" & I loved being able to be there with him!  He was so sweet the entire time, & even walked London back to class with him!

{May 9}

Snuggles with my boy on the couch before bed--my FAVORITE time of day!
{May 10}
KeeKee & I had to help host a bridal shower Thursday night, so Poppy & R had a fun night!  The park, Micky D's for dinner & of course some Fro Yo afterwards!  I love that these two have so much fun together!

 {May 11}
 Mother's Day shopping at The Kitchen Store & More for KeeKee!  He found himself a lil kitchen to play with!  I had to drag the kid out of there, even though he told me "there are lots of giiiiirly things in here!"

{May 12}
Nothin' sweeter than a sleeping baby...I am always keeping him up too late since it's SUMMER!  :)


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  1. I Love, love his fishing outfit! I remember Trey wearing his cowboy boots with shorts - ALL THE TIME!!!! It was always with shorts, not jeans! Ha!


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