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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toad Suck Daze 2012

I mentioned in my Project 365 we went to TSD on Saturday, but I wanted to make sure & blog about it in it's own post too!  I was so hesitant to take R, just b/c he's 2, I was alone, it was stinkin' HOTT out, & spending a chunk of change on...uhh...some rides, over priced food, maybe some games & maybe some junk!?  But you know what...you only live once, and my dad took me as a kid & by-golly I want this kid to have a full experience on life too, no matter what it means from me!  If he's gonna grow up around here, just like I did, I don't want him to ever remember a time when we didn't go to TSD together...so here we are!  Toad Suckin' it up!

It was so good to run into Mary Beth!  R thinks she lives at the church b/c she works in the nursery every Sunday!  Ha!  :P
He only road two ride & this was his fav...he called it the "lady bug" ride.  He seriously straight up chilled like this the entire time!  Ha!

I was so glad he got to race a toad...(even though I did most of the work)...it always a neat experience & I hope it's something he remembers & looks forward to eat & every year!

Your toad is supposed to stay in his own lane to win...but of course ours didn't.  He was probably tired from being raced all day by crazy little kids!  :P

After the races...he went & posed behind this himself!  Ha!
 & how tacky is that hat??  but he seriously LOVED it!  & is still wearing it today!  Ha!
 & look who we ran into!  You get lucky if you run into them!  They were so sweet to stop & let us get a picture!
& this was all Mama really cared about!  :P  Ten dollar lunch right there & I loved every second of it!  Already looking forward to next year with my lil man!  =)


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