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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 365...Week 17

{April 22}
Sad to leave Atlanta....but ready to get home to my lil booger!  I read most of the flight...

 {April 23}
Playing outside is part of our daily routine... 

{April 23}
So good to go over to Mama D's for some taco salad for dinner!  R loves his MacKenzie! 

{April 24}
Playing at the neighbors... 

{April 26}
It was Poppy's 50th birthday!  With all his medical "issues" going on...the bank decided to throw a little medical themed party!  Even one wore scrubs to work, and they put dad in a gown when he got there!  His desk was covered in depends, 5 hour energy drinks, milk of magnesia, first aid kit, old spice body spray, oxygen masks, etc. etc.  It was PRETTY good!  They had a "toilet" cake made...and a cute sign out in front of his parking spot!  A lady even wrote & sang a HILARIOUS song & sang it to him...I was so glad we got to up there for the party for I took R to school & I went to class.  Happy Birthday POPPY!!

 {April 27}
It was dead day for me...so me & Punkin' got to spend the whole day together!  We went to Chick, & then of course Target, & then to finally get him a haircut!  I went to a new place because there was a 4.99 coupon on my Qpon app...can't beat that!  

{April 28}
Punkin' had a big day!  Poppy took him to get the oil changed in KeeKee's car, then they went shopping at Dicks, to McDonald's for a happy meal, picnic and play time at the park....AND then they went to Fro Yo!  I'm worn out just typing it all out!  :P  We then had a birthday party to go to...with a bounce house--of course he LOVED it!  That night Ryder stayed with Morgan so me, mom, dad & G could go out to eat in LR for dad & Garrett's birthdays--THANK YOU SO MUCH MORG!  SO THANKFUL FOR FRIENDS LIKE YOU!  =)  We went to Bravo and all enjoyed a yummy meal & even some birthday dessert!  It's not very often the four of us get out without wild man, so it was nice!


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