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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 365...Week 13

{March 25}
Never a dull moment at our house...IF you can't tell!  ;)  He is very creative-I can give him that!  

{March 26}
When he was lining up to hit the ball it was always RIGHT at me.  So I made this little box on the grass with spray paint so he would know where to stand!  Best thing I ever thought of!

{March 27}
After telling him "not to get your clothes wet"...this is how I find him!  He was having TOO much fun just laying in the cold water & kicking his feet, so I just let him!  Sweet memories!  

{March 28}
Sneaky little booger, saw some tulips in our neighbors FRONT yard, so he walked over there & picked me this flower!  I hated to get on to him for doing it, but I HAD to!  You can't just pick any flower you see for your Mama, but I do love that he thinks of me!  ;)

{March 29}
Playing outside after Pajama Day at school!  

{March 30}
He got to ride the firetruck at the mail after he spotted them!  :0  & enjoying a much needed CFA date with Mama before going to see the Easter Bunny!

 {March 31}
Uncle G was over at my parents with a trailer on his truck full of mulch, so Ryder set up his Cozy Coupe & wagon like this so he could have a "trailer"...I thought it was so creative, and he just wants to be like his Uncle G!  ;)


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