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Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bunny 2012

Last Friday me & lil booger drove to LR to see the Easter Bunny!  I am so glad I've taken the time to do this with him every year!  It may not take 5 minutes, but I'm glad we've done it together!  This year he told the Easter Bunny he wanted a Woody & Buzz towel to take to the pool!-So...I'll see if the EB can pull that off! :P

& just because I love looking back & reflecting, all three years of visiting the EB!  

He was kinda scared of him once he saw him, even though he had REALLY been looking forward to seeing him (or at least acted like it)!!  But I finally got him to get up there & smile!  This is the first time I didn't take the stroller in with me in the mall, I actually let him walk & he actually did really well!  He even let me I even got to go in Forever 21 & try on some cute dresses!  I was so proud of my big boy!  We had a good afternoon together!  


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