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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just some randoms...

I've realized lately there are lots of pics on my phone from our weeks that don't make the cut into Project 365, & I still need to be blogging them!  Here are some from last week...
Not the best pic...but R found a shower rod in my closet & he calls it his "crutch" now to be like his poor Poppy!  :P
Over SB I used these little goodies to make R some colored glue!  SUPER fun & fairly cheap!  He loves them!
I've seen these wine bottle "trees" in magazines before, but not in real life until the other day!  I had to snap a pic...I'd love to have one one day!
My screen saver plays pics from my computer & these were the first three the other day & I just thought it was sweet!  My baby, then my one year old, then my two year old!  He's growing up TOO fast!  :(
My cousin Tonya said she was never gonna get preg after seeing Jessica Simpson on Jimmy Kimmel one night because she was SO big--& I was like, "No...it can't be THAT bad."  But then I saw this pic and about DIED.  I mean...wowzers.  Poor Jess.

We spotted this BobCat at a new construction site while walking the other night & R had to get in it!-So I let him for just a sec...good thing he had that helmet on to protect him!  ;)
My crazy lil booger brought this over to me one day while playing outside & said "I'm gonna pour this on your head..." Ummm...no you're not!  
KeeKee had gotten tickets to take him to go see STOMP, but couldn't take him once it came up, so I got to take my lil man!  We had to park seriously half way across campus & walk to get there...& a sweet campus police officer picked us up half way & drove us to the front door!  Ha!  Punkin' loved it & it was a really good show, but around 9 o'clock (it started at 7:30) he started asking for Tangy & Blanky so we left!  :P
Mission Accomplished!  Loved it better than the first! :)
KeeKee taught R the Zacchaeus song a while back & he LOVES it.  They made these are school this passed week & I thought they were so cute & creative!
I have called R "Silly Billy" since he was little & when I saw this book at the library I knew I had to get it! It has quickly turned into his favorite book!  One night this week he passed out before even opening it up to "read it" to me...
So sad...
& this kid is just the cutest little thing.  I don't care if he's 4 years younger than me.  I bought his new single the hour day it came out & I can't wait for the rest of the album!  =)
& this is what my crazy child does when he hangs out with his KeeKee when Mommy has a night out on the town!  ;)


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