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Sunday, September 11, 2011

day 2 of MDO-much better than the 1st! :)

Thursday was a good day!  The day before Ryder's SECOND birthday!  =)  I dropped Ryder off at MDO & told him, "share, don't hug friends (how do you tell a 2 year old to 'keep his hands to himself'?) & to lay down & take a nap"!  Dropping him off at school is so easy & it makes things so much easier for me!  There are kids in there that cry & cry when their moms leave & my child doesn't even know I leave!    Such a blessing!

I took baseball cookies from our favorite cookie place, Maggie's, for him to share with his classmates for his birthday!

I went to class & then met up with Jake to grocery shop for the big party!  It's a wonder we didn't kill each other inside Wal-Mart...but it's all good!  =)  Before long it was ready to go pick up our Punkin'!

This was outside his classroom door & it made me smile!  He was happy to see us when we got there!

He was especially glad to see his Daddy because I think it was unexpected!  I sent Tangy, a pillow & a blanket for him to have during nap time & his teachers said that combo did WONDERS & he laid right down & went to sleep!  YAY!  I was so happy to hear this!   Also, when they tried to put Tangy & his blanket back in his bag after nap time, he wouldn't let them!  Ha!  That's my crazy kid!  :P

As soon as I got to the car, I pulled out his folder in his backpack and was so happy to see ALL FOUR SMILEYS!  I was so proud of him, & all that he accomplished the second day of school!  I knew he was capable of doing it, we just had a few things to work on!  ;)  Hehe!  I took him to Sonic for a sweet tea to celebrate!  We just kept congratulating him over & over again...we were SO proud of him!  =)

Pooh was in town that afternoon so we met up with her to get her some Scentsy stuff & she gave Punkin' his birthday present--a set of golf clubs!  Let's just say we haven't gone any where without them since Thursday, so I think he likes them!

This is the same day we had to say good-bye to Trixi.  I was crying in the car when my mom called me & Ryder said, "Mommy crw-aying?"  I just tried to explain to him we weren't going to see Trixi any more.  But how do you explain that to a two year old?

We met my parents at Panera to celebrate Trixi's life!  =)  Or just eat dinner...but we did talk about her!  Hehe!  But not without showing Pop Pops our "Daily Report" from MDO first!

 {We are seriously all SO proud of his 4/4 smiley faces on Thursday!}
 {Him & his KeeKee Mama!}

 I made him let me take a lil photoshoot...the last one of him being 1!  ;(
 & then he wanted to hide behind the grass...

We went back to my parents & were gonna go for a while & then KeeKee just HAD to give him his birthday present early!  A TRI-CYCLE!  He loved it...& actually got the hang of peddling!

 {It helps him to concentrate if his tongue is out--lol}
We went for a walk around the neighborhood with Pop Pops & then we went home & took a bath to get ready for his BIG day!  =)

I stayed up Thursday night double checking everything & make sure I had everything planned out & ready to go for the next day!

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