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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lion King 3D

Yesterday after we came home from his appointment, he took a nap & then we got up & got ready to go see Lion King 3D!  This was also the first movie I went to see in the theaters as a kid, so I thought that was kind of night!  I asked Kelly & Grant to go with us & was so happy that they could join us!  

Mr. Grant got Ryder his first ICEE!  Oh boy!  The kid slurped it down before the previews were even over!  & he wouldn't even think about wearing his special 3D glasses!  He would YELL out the name of all the animals on the screen, but he got to be pretty ansy & wild, so we sat out in the hall way for about half the movie!

I enjoyed watching it though, because I caught a lot of things I didn't catch as a kid!  It's funny that I also knew a lot of the words & knew ALL the words to the songs!  Ha!  I actually HATED the movie as a kid because of when Simba's dad died.  :(  I always made my mom fast forward that part.  Hehe!

We came home & KeeKee brought Brett over to play for a little bit...
Look how PRESH they are!  Ryder has a brand new buddy!  Mom & Dad got Brett last week....not even a week after Trixi passed.  Mom just couldn't take it any more!  They normally don't do boy dogs, but he won mom's heart over!  He is so calm & chill, but also knows when to have fun!
 Ryder always wants to pick him up & poor lil Brett acts like he doesn't care!  Ha!  Sometimes Ryder has to chase him around a bit to be able to catch him....it's pretty funny!
Mom named him Brett because she wanted to name me Brette Lauren, but dad wouldn't let that happen.  So she finally got her "Brett" after all!  =)


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