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Saturday, September 17, 2011

...the perfect Saturday!

Today was the perfect day!  Just me & my lil man...& we didn't even leave the house!  We snuggled in bed until about 9:30--he is seriously the best snuggler every!  He had been awake for about an hour & would just lay there with me & kiss my back & put his arm around me & say "Good Mornin' Mama" & "I love you Mama".  Things that will just melt your heart!  The second I said, "Do you wanna get up & go for a walk..?"  he was up & out the door!

We went for a good morning walk, that ended with him walking (more like trotting) all the way home...he just loves to run & be out doors!  

We went outside on the front porch & waited to see Mr. Nick ride by on his bicycle for his first 50 mile ride!  HOW IMPRESSIVE!  What an accomplishment!  It was fun to see him & cheer him on!  
This afternoon we played outside some more & went & got Brett to let him play outside too!  I did a little bit of homework & it was just so nice & enjoyable out there!  Ms. Amy came by to see us & also brought us Sonic drinks!  =)  She's the BEST!

If this doesn't scream ALL BOY I don't know what does!

I'm thankful for a chill, relaxing, no schedule or routine kind of day at home with my baby boy!  =)   Back at the grind of things tomorrow...


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