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Sunday, September 11, 2011

officially 730 days. 24 months. 2 years old.

Friday was the big day!  We got up early & were headed to the airport to pick up cousin Tonya!  But not without stopping at Shipley's to get my boy some Do-Nuts!  He loves him some do-nut holes!  That entertained him the whole way to the airport & we talked a little bit about his big day & party that night!  =)

After we picked up Ton, we came home for her to take a shower & get ready for the day & I let Punkin' open his presents from me.  I didn't get him much because I knew he would get more than enough from friends & family at his party, but I wanted to get him a few things!  =)  I hit up TJ Maxx earlier this week & they had everything I needed for sweet little Punkin!
He saw this bag & said "Happy Birt-day!?"  It took him a bit to understand that it was for HIM!  (not his jeans...they are 2T!  how is that even possible?  I love them on him, but wasn't it just yesterday he was wearing 12 months?!)

These are his bath water color changing tablets...we have been out for a few months now & I knew I had to get him some for his birthday!  He was more excited about those than anything else!  Ha!
 {some big boy boxer briefs just like his daddy's!  =)}

I had been wanting to get him a number & alphabet puzzles so we could work on them, & sure enough TJ Maxx had exactly what I had been wanting!  I am going to try to work on these at least a couple times a week & maybe we'll have them down by Christmas (no promises!).  He also got some flash cards last night I think will be fun learning tools!

We finally got the car loaded up with all our goodies & headed to his Daddy's house to start setting up for the party!  We dropped everything off there, & headed to Joe's pizza to meet Mimi & PawPaw & Granny for lunch!
He was so excited to see them & hardly even ate his lunch.  I am so thankful that Mimi offered to take him home for the afternoon so we could get ready for the party without having to chase him around--which was a HUUUGE help!

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