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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lake Time

We were lucky enough to head on down to Hot Springs late Sunday evening to spend some time with some of our favorite people--Pooh & her family!  They go down every year for the week during this time, & lucky enough I was done with school & me & R were able to get away to go spend some time with them & have some fun out on the lake!  We talked about this over dinner one night, but I've been visiting them in Hot Springs every summer since 2008!  Crazy huh?!  I genuinely feel like they are just another set of grandparents to Ryder, & Pooh & Lindsey are just like his aunts!  Very blessed!  Thank you for letting us come see y'all & stay with y'all a few nights!  :)
 We met everybody at Bleu Monkey for dinner right when we got into town (& yes, that's the way "blue" is spelled---MOTHER!)

 ...& then we went out on a lil night cruise!  Yes, R is in his church clothes & puddle jumper!  Ha!  Had to be safe!  =)
 We went for a night swim & then headed back for a late night snack on the back patio.  Ryder made a serious new best friend-Caroline!
 Trying to figure out what that dang thing is on Pooh's face!  
  I was so happy to wake up in time Monday morning to enjoy my #shereadstruth quiet time outside on the patio ALONE.  

 Then someone woke up looking for their Mama!  & we fed some ducks & geese outside before breakfast!

 After breakfast, we hit the lake for a lil cruise riding, site seeing, snacking, swimming, jumping & just straight chillin'!  

We came home, ate a yummy lunch & then I made someone lay down & take a nap.  They were just too tired & too grumpy to go the rest of the day like that!  :O  Mama ended up getting in a nap too!  We woke up & went back out on the boat & did a little bit more swimming. 
Finally make it back for a shower, some dinner & play time outside before bed!

We were all in bed by 10:30 & it felt WONDERFUL! =)  Me & R woke up Tuesday morning & headed back home!  So glad we got to see & spend time with everybody!  I love making memories with people that I love!


Oh my gosh--I LOVE IT!

Hope you are having a blessed Thursday!  =)

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  1. What a fun trip! I love the pictures from last year! He is growing so fast and is such a handsome little boy!!


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