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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

edit:  I am also linking up my post on contentment with #shereadstruth's first week of #sheshares.  So head on over there & check out what God is teaching some of these fabulous woman.  

  • I saw these new color sharpies at Kroger & had to have them!  It's all I use to write with in my EC planner...so some color is always fun!  

  • Sweet snuggles with my baby boo...who I am missing!  He has been away camping with his Mimi & Pawpaw!  I know he is having an absolute BLAST though!  It has been a BIG week for little man!

  • It has kinda always gotten on my nerves that I have to buy R's milk in half gallons.  I usually have to buy 2-3 a week...which gets kinda old!  I literally squealed in Kroger the other day when I saw these!  MUCH easier!

  • I snagged up these cute bulletin boards at the dollar spot at Target earlier this week.  I can't wait to hang them around my desk & computer area...I thought about painting them a cute color thought first?

  • I'm taking an online AR History class & just noticed the other day one of the authors of my book was one of my parents best friends in college!  He was actually at the hospital when I was born!  How fun is that?!

  • I also found this fun washi-tape to use in my planner at Target in the school supply aisle!  I got a turquoise-y set to match my planner!  I also like the fact that it's removable & not like pen if I draw a big line through my week of what we've got going on!  

  • We hope you've had a good week & aren't we all grateful it's FRIDAY!?!?
PS.  Poppy is having surgery today on his foot...this will be his THIRD surgery this year on three different RANDOM things!  Poor fella!  But left him up if you get the chance!

PSS.  #shereadstruth started up a new plan just YESTERDAY...so it's not too late to jump on board!  I just finished "Living the Surrendered Life" with them & seriously loved every minute of it, & some days wanted to do more than one day--it was THAT good!  This plan is 21 days and is on what scripture says about prayer.  I have done it all through my phone which is so nice & it's FREE--so check it out!  It's some GOOD STUFF!  =)


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