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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project 365...Week 15 {Round 2}

{April 7}
He thinks he can sleep sideways in the bed--WRONG!  He sleeps just like I do though! 

{April 8}
1st teeth cleaning with Ms. Kim

{April 9}
It's finally been pretty out where we can go play at KeeKee and Poppy's after school every day now!  YAY!

{April 10}
 One day while R was at school I cleaned up his room and put together his train set as best as I could...He always loves to play with them in stores, and I just always got too frustrated when I tried to put his together, so I finally did it!  I was kind of proud of myself!  :P  This was actually some of my brothers train set when he was R's age!

{April 11}
KeeKee got him a little bow and arrow set and he asked me to make it so he could pull the arrows out from something behind his back....so I tried to rig this backpack in a way where he could do that...he is too funny!

{April 12}
 Friday night park date!

 {April 13}
 Gymnastics show with Essie!


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