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Sunday, October 9, 2011

OBU Homecoming!

Friday night my mom was judging Tiger Tunes, so me & my brother, my roommate Mary Beth & a good friend of mine Nick went down with her to watch the show!  We had front row balcony seats because she was judging choreography--& I honestly like the balcony the best!

The show was great & I really enjoyed it...& the EEE's won EVERYTHING that night!  I was so proud!  I love their costumes the most, but the whole show was FAB-U-LOUS & like super perfect!

I spent the night with Allie that night at her parent's house & we literally stayed up till 3 AM talking & catching up!  I haven't seen her since she moved to B-ham 2 months ago, so it was a much needed catch up!  & I had to catch up on all the wedding stuff, because the MOH needs to be in the know about everything!  ;)

The EEE tea was the next morning so we got up & around after only a few hours of sleep to go see all of our EEE sisters!  =)  We are all spread out now across the state & south & it's pretty sad, so it was SO great to get to see everyone on this special day at such a special place!
{with allie!}
{with the other Katie in the PC!}
{with Ms. Turner--so good to see her & her sweet mom & lil sis!}
{Meg!  such a sweet little friend!}
{& this is Brittney who I have just recently become "friends" with over the past few months via blogging & Twitter--the OBU connection will do that to people!  She was a Tri Chi with two of my best friends, Kelly & Pooh}
{so glad I ran into this crazy--Pooh!}

I got to see so many other friends, but failed to take any pictures...I am mad that this is all I got.  :(  After the tea we went out to eat at a lil Mexican place where everyone else at Homecoming decided to go eat too.  I went back to Allie's for a bit & then headed home to get my sweet little boy who I was missing so much!  He probably didn't even notice I was gone though!  I had a killer headache that day too, which added to me needed to get back home!

I had a great time & am so thankful for such a sweet family willing to keep my little man so I can get away for a little bit to see my friends!

& because I love looking back & reminiscing...some pictures from my past tunes & homecomings!  

 {2008-EEE Carhops}
 {killing time between shows}
 {with one of my favorite TC sailors & my favorite Rho Sig Fireman!}
 {At the EEE Tea with Whitney--our moms were EEE's together & our dads were Betas together, roommates & both baseball players!}
 {Me & Allie at lunch with our two favorite TCs--Pooh & Kelly}

{2009-Ryder was exactly one month old}
{2010 with the Ring By Spring show}

I LOVE tunes...I mean who doesn't?  I'm already looking forward to next year!  & one day I'll be taking my wild man with me!

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