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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 9}

{feb. 26}
 Little man was not being himself!  Off to to the Dr. we went!

{feb. 27}
 He seemed to be back to himself...even playing "Dr. Ryder" with me as his patient!  Little did we know he had pneumonia! 

{feb. 28}
 Poor fella still miserably sick! 

{march 1}
 Back to the Dr. we go...still running fever and finally getting a breathing treatment and some new meds!

{march 2}
 Getting a little bit of energy back...playing for short periods at a time.  

{march 3}
 Happy to see that smile again!

{march 4}
I say it all the time, but why are they so presious sleeping?


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  1. I hope he's doing much better now. Bless his heart, he looks so pitiful in those pictures :(


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