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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Punkin's Special Day!--1 year!

On Punkin's special day..I had class.  All.day.long unfortunately.  But his Daddy took off work so he could be with him all day!  I'm so glad that they got to spend the day together!  Knowing he was with his Daddy made it a little easier on me being in class all day.  
Jake came early enough before I had to leave for class so we could watch Punkin' eat his breakfast!  I got up a lil earlier and made him some chocolate chip muffins!  YUMM!  I don't think he's every really had "chocolate" before so he loved it, and made a huge mess!

I've been reading "Birthday Monsters" to him for about a week now, so I read it to him before breakfast as well!
I woke Punkin' up telling him that "today was the day!"  He is such a sweet boy in the morning and is so warm & soft & cuddly!
With is Daddy wanting that muffin!  

I love this picture!  It couldn't be any more perfect!  He points at everything...but it's fun to act like he's saying, "I'm ONE today!"

...& this is the face he makes alot when I get the camera out!  It's like his "Hey!  Look at me face!"

With Mommy before class, and his big day with Daddy!  I can't believe I actually have a ONE.YEAR.OLD!
Their crazy about each other!  :P

They did all sorts of "boy" things all day.  Ran errands, ate lunch with one of Daddy's friends, went and visited a few places to see some people, took at nap together, & went to the car wash (which Punkin' did NOT like!) :P

After I got out of class and Punkin' woke up from his nap, we headed to Old Chicago for some YUMMY dinner!  Punkin' got to color for the first time!  I was so proud of him!  We would hand him a crayon in his right hand & he would switch it to his left!  :O  Pops does NOT want his boy to be left handed!  :P  "The worlds not made for left handed people..."

He is such a good boy when we go out to eat!  He LOVES people so much!!  He will stop anyone walking by just to get them to give him some attention!  :P  He actually got his first "kids meal" too!  Mac & cheese & applesauce!  He ate it ALL!

LOOK how big he looks!  I can't believe my baby is ONE!   

This is THAT face again that he likes to make when I get the camera out!  

KeeKee came over & brought him some balloons.  He was NOT sure what to think about them!  HA!

It was finally time to let Punkin' dig into a YUMMY cupcake!  He wasn't quite sure what to think...but only at first!

...and then we got a bath & got all cleaned up and ready for bed.  The big birthday day was coming to a close.  :/

I let him open a few presents I had picked up for him...he loved the big heavy glittery ball Daddy got him, and the book 100 first animals I found for him!  We've looked through it every day since!  HA!

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