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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BIG Picture Post

I'm hoping with ALL these pictures...I will have updated the blog to today of Ryder's lil life, and then I will try to be a better mommy about posting current events! =)

Our last picture as a "couple"...Tuesday night before things got rough.
With my parents early Wednesday morning, doing good with the epidural.
Naynee was up there with me as well.
I'm FINALLY here!--After getting all cleaned up, Daddy showing me off to Uncle G & Pops!
Proud Daddy!
First "Family" photo! We are in LOVE!
Auntie Allie came down to see everybody!
Mommy's yummy cakepops we gave out to guests & staff.
Lil going home outfit!
Mommy & Me!
All ready to head home!
We were greeted by many neighbors that were outside when they saw us pull up!
Mommy showing me my room for the first time.
Introducing me to Ranger! HA!
Uncle G & his buddies came by to see lil man.
Pooh, Kelly & Charles all came down Friday after class. It was SO good to see you guys!
& Aunt Anna came in from Fayettville after class on Friday as well!
& Whitney & Abbey! They all LOVE you!
Saturday my Nana & Papaw came down to see their first great grandchild!
"I like to stay balled up like this, but you should see how fast & strong my legs are!"
"And daddy loves to put me in gowns at night, even though I usually dirty them up before morning."
Aunt Amanda getting some lovin'.
KeeKee & Pops came to visit Sunday after church.
First Outing!--To the firehouse to see Uncle Josh on Sunday! He was so proud! =)
Getting some Daddy & Me time!
Again, my legs like to stay how they were in utero! We love it though!
Sweet Sweet Boy!
Napping on Mommy & Daddy's bed before my appointment.
The family loaded up to go!
Daddy didn't want Mommy taking pictures...(hence the bad quality).
In my bouncy this morning for the first time just chillin while mommy cooked breakfast! (YES! COOKED! ha!)
Daddy gettin some early morning lovin' in!
Being sweet with mommy after lunch!
Mommy caught me yawnin'!
Looking SO grown up! Six days old!

Now that I'm all caught up, I'm going to try to STAY caught up!

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  1. Oh My!!!! We gotta get over to see him. Karleigh is all cleared up! He IS a Prince! Keep the pics coming-all the kids love them!



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