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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things Change...

It's funny how your priorities change after having a baby! YES I have a baby!

Jacob Ryder FINALLY got here on 9-9-09 @ 10:38 am weighing in a big seven pounds, & 21.5 inches long!

I wish I would have blogged each day since his birth....but again...THINGS change!

We were luck enough to get to come home on Thursday, just a day after he was born! We were greeted in our driveway by several of our neighbors who happen to be outside when we pulled up.

Mimi came & stayed with us Thursday night so Jake & I could get some sleep. Had I mentioned I had gotten absolutely NONE @ the hospital? NONE....Jake might have gotten an hour here or there, but not much on those silly couches.

We figured out he was a gassy baby...and Milicon has pretty much saved our lives. He is a great & happy baby that is awake & alert alot of the time...but oh when they gas gets him he is NOT a happy camper!

He had alot of my girlfriends come visit him Friday night which was alot of fun! I can't wait till he is older & has all these pictures of these pretty girls holding him when he was 2 days old! =) Granny Jones also came over, and brought us a wonderful dinner & loved on her sweet great grand baby a lil bit!

Mommy & Daddy were on there on Friday night....but it honestly wasn't too bad. Our biggest problem is him falling asleep while we're trying to nurse. We have gotten COLD wet washcloths, tickeled his feet, rubbed his checks, taken his clothes off, EVERTHING....oh & even ICE CUBES on his legs that bothered him for about five minutes & then he didn't care! Still SNOOZING away! Haha...

Saturday was a good day...Aunt Amanda came & spend some time loving on the boy while Jake ran to town for a few things & I got to take a shower & freshen up a bit. My grandparents came to see him today (their first great grandchild) & they just thought he was the cutest lil thing...(b/c he is! :P) They brought mommy & daddy some steaks to cook later on in the week when we run out of everything else! YIIIPEEE!!

A bunch of Daddy's friends came to see him later on in the afternoon. Chad & Krystal & their lil girls Adisyn & Brooklyn brought us some DELICIOUS chicken enchiladas for dinner & brownies. Uncle Pete & Uncle Kyle came over to hold you a lil bit. Bryce & Jennifer Gill & Mayce & Jackson also stopped in. Jason Fulfer also came over later after everyone left, ate some yummy enchiladas & held you for a lil bit! Braxton's mama finally got to come over & see Braxton new lil friend! We had a good time talking about both our hospitals stays & how different & similar they were. We can't wait for our boys to meet!

You & Daddy are chilling on the couch right now as you fight your sleep....we are going to try & get some sleep while you sleep! We love you so much & honestly can't imagine our lives without! You are our lil PRINCE!

Picture Post to come later...(not promising when?)

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