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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I guess I'm too busy creeping on other people's blogs to update mine! Ha!

Dr. on Monday went well (if you can say that I guess...). We told him we wanted to do what he would want his wife to do. Without any change, that means come back & see him next week, when I will be 41 weeks, ALMOST 42. That is what he said he would get worried about him staying in there, and probably pulling him.

As much as I would love to induce right now, obviously my body ISN'T ready for it...and I don't want to force it into something it's not ready for!

I have eaten a WHOLE pineapple ALL by myself the last 2.5 days...yes, I have lil sores on the sides of my lips from all the ACID! Ha! It's just SO good...I bought it and ate it after a friend told me that is supposed to help! So far no help, but the pineapple was good, and healthy for me & lil Ryder!

I went to the Dr. with a friend/neighbor of ours & her new 6 week old. She was going in for her check up, and her husband couldn't go, and was afraid Braxton would scream the whole time! He was a good baby ALL the way there...I fed him a bottle & burped him, and he was a sweet lil baby! It was fun to get out and do something different! It also made me look forward to RYDER getting here EVEN more!

Ta-Ta for now...I have pictures to post, but not tonight.

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