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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LOTS of Firsts!

Sunday night I took Ryder for his first walk! Even though it was just up & down the street while Daddy flew his airplane! He was such a good baby & it made me look forward to emany more walks with him!
Daddy actually took a picture of us without complaining! WOW!

Monday we had a BIG day planned! Seven of Ryder's second cousins were coming to see him for the firs time, as long as another Great Aunt! He slept till 11, and I finally woke him to feed him, and then we went & met everybody @ McAlister's. Nana & Papaw happened to be in town as well getting their teeth cleaned, so they ended up coming to eat with us. My dad called as he was leaving the bank for lunch, and happened to not have lunched plans, so he joined us as well! It was a great visit with everybody!

Stuart holding Ryder @ McAlister's
Sweet Ben holding lil man!
Sterling telling Uncle Mike what happened when he had to get 4 staples in his head. Precious!
Karleigh girl!
A holding lil man with Naynee's help!
Stu, A & Ben w/ Ryder!
Sweet Sterling peeking in through the back door!

And then Mimi came to get some lovin!

Suckin' on those knuckles!

With Ryder's feet being so big, I was kinda afraid some of his newborn shoes wouldn't fit! I tried some on JUST to make sure! They still fit, but probably not for long! Daddy even liked um!
Trying on my first pair of shoes!
Sweet pic from a lil nap today!

Granny Jean & Aunt Kay came to see us this morning. I didn't get any pictures...(SHAME!) We have kinda had a fussy, whiny baby all day so I haven't gotten much done. It made me realize how lucky we have been to have such a good baby that pretty much only cries when he is hungry. It was hard to try & do stuff without being able to set him down for a half second! I'm afraid that the Taco Pie I ate last night was not good for his belly! No more Mexican for Mommy! We are sleeping now...so hopefully we'll be good from here on out!

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