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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Something Lost...Something Gained

I have been spending more of my time with my little man, instead of blogging, and reading other people's blogs, and I honestly couldn't be any happier! He looks different every day. I know that sounds crazy, but he does! I cry to Jake every once and a while, b/c I just don't want him to grow up! I want him to be little and sweet & innocent forever. I know that won't be the case, but it's just hard to believe almost THREE weeks have already passed with little Ryder being apart of our lives! We love him more and more every day!

Saturday we went over to some friends house who have a 4 month old little boy name Tripp. Ryder was SO good the whole day! This is where he spent most of it! HA! Under the coffee table! We were there from about 1-7, and I fed him twice, and other than that...this is how he was! SUCH a good baby!

Little man under the coffee table, so no one would step on him!
One leg stretched out, one curled up!


Friday we finally lost our umbilical cord--so now we have a...

BELLY BUTTON! (& a cute one I might add!)

Which means, we finally get to have our FIRST BATH!! We didn't give him one till Saturday night b/c there was still a bit of stuff to come off, but he was not loving it as much as I hoped he would. We ended up just having to do it all real real fast, and it almost put me in tears the terrible sound of his cry. I told Jake I was not ever going to attempt to do that by myself! They don't have to be washed every day anyways, so good thing!

Bath Time!
Trying to calm him down...
Precious thing wrapped up in a towel in Daddy's arms after our first bath!

Kinda busy week for us! Should be good though, I'm excited!

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