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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ryder's Room...and a few of him of course!

Today has been a good day! Ryder slept from 430 am to 10 am! WHAT? Yeah...we are VERY blessed! I woke up thinking it was 8 or so...but was shocked when I looked at the time. It was weird starting our day that late, but also very nice! These are a few from last night. We both ended up staying up pretty late with him in bed with us just laughing & cuddling with our sweet boy!

We love our tummy time....and mommy & daddy's chest. If we place his head on our upper stomach, he ALWAYS makes his way up to our necks! Precious!
Inchin' my way up there!
He NEVER stretches his legs out all the way, so when we saw this, Daddy was like "Where's the camera!?"
Sleeping today while mommy did things around the house.

Now for the tour of Ryder's room. I planned on doing this WAY before he was born, but I'm glad I waited! Now it is broken in & pretty much how it's gonna stay!
The wreath we hung on the door @ the hospital. I didn't want a generic one of course. I bought everything, and then my mom put it all together. The little chalkboard has his name weight, and length written on it.
Our lil outfit we wore coming home from the hospital.
The view when you walk in the room. My Nana made the curtains that match the bed skirt.
Glider rocker, and lil night stand for everything Mommy might need while feeding.
Shelving & decoration on the wall.
His crib, that he has been in once so far!
The letters above his crib. I wanted something modern, and different of course!
The bumpers & matching blanket that Nana made.
This armoire was made for me when I was born for my nursery. Mimi stripped & stained it for Ryder room. Where the fabric bulletin boards are used to be mirrors, and I just recovered them with some left over fabric from the curtains & added some matching ribbon, and I LOVE how it turned out!
Our antique dresser/changing table. It is the perfect size, and I'm glad I waited around for EXACTLY what I was looking for! I wasn't planning on having a mirror, but I'm glad we do!
The bottom of the dresser which is pretty much what sold me...JUST enough room for BASKETS! Definitely into baskets ALL over the house right now!
His RIDICULOUS closet! Of course organized by month, and then by shirts, pants, onezies, outfits & footed-pajamas.
& last but not least....sweet lil prince sleeping again! GOOD NIGHT friends! =)


  1. Ryder's room is so cool!! Love the modern letters above his crib. Such a cute little dude.

  2. He has a beautiful nursery! Everything is so nice and put together.. you have a great eye for decorating!! :-)


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