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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend!

Friday night, Ryder and I went out to eat with my parents and Miss Lynn and we had a really good time! Ryder was real alert and just so curious @ the restaurant.

Saturday was a chill day around the house with dad which is always nice, since our weekends aren't always "weekends" to us! Mimi & PawPaw and Hannah Grace came over to take pictures in their costumes. I think this is our first picture of then with both grandkids. Our neighborhood was INSANE starting at about 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Kids EVERYWHERE! Jake handed out our candy across the street in the driveway with some neighbors, and Ryder slept most of the time.
Hannah, Mimi w/ Ryder & PawPaw
With my little lobster!

After he woke up from his Halloween nap, about to head to Outback for dinner!
Being good @ Outback for Daddy.
Sunday was such a beautiful day, we went for a walk and Ryder was such a HAPPY baby! I just kept snapping pics he was smiling so much. This is probably my new favorite picture of him!
Uncle G feeding lil man while I went grocery shopping!

We have had a pretty chill-ax week so far. Last night we went to dinner with Mimi & Aunt Amanda @ Market Place, and then he stayed @ KeeKee and Pop's while I did some grocery shopping. He really is just smiling ALL the time now, and alot with his mouth open like the picture above. His personality is starting to show, and it makes us so happy...and love him more than we already do!

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  1. I LOVE,LOVE the one with him smiling! So cute. I hope we get to see you two (maybe Jake) next week.



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