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Saturday, October 31, 2009

October's Over?

I can't believe today is the LAST day of October! Happy Halloween by the way! In 9 short days, little man will be two months old! OH MY, how time flys! Ryder man is taking his late morning nap, and I felt the ned to catch up on all our pictures! It's such a beautiful day, I hope to get him out for a stroll in a little bit! We didn't do much this week, but we made a few trips out and about last week, I really & truly want to do better about my blogging, so I don't have to catch up every weekend! AHHH! But in the long run, would rather spend my time with little man than be glued to the computer, and then when he is asleep, I have tons of other things to get done first!

Ryder and I went to visit Naynee & the kiddos last week and ended up having a great day, and will definitely not be our last day trip up there! We had burgers for lunch and just had a great time together, and of course Ryder was a doll all day!

Karleigh being a lil' momma!
The little boys with Ryder-Man!
Dad & Ryder both fast asleep one night! How SWEET!?

Last Saturday a few of my girlfriends from HS were home from Fayettville for the weekend and we all had dinner together @ McAlister's and did ALOT of catching up!
Morgan's first time to meet Ryder!
Auntie Anna with her new hair do!
And Allison's first time to meet lil man as well
Ryder's 1st camo...laying in mommy's lap looking up at her! PRECIOUS!

From how much he holds his head up, I decided to try out the Bumbo this morning, just for a little bit though so he wouldn't get to worn out. He loved it! He loved being able to sit up and look around and see what was going on! He did GREAT! He will be sitting up before too long!
A lil lop-sided but we're good! =)

Stay tune the next few days to see our Halloween's Costume!

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