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Monday, October 12, 2009

1 Month Old!

Our lil man was one month old on Friday! I cannot believe it! WOW-how times flies when your having fun with your sweet lil boy! Here are a few pictures of him in his lil Hero outfit!

What you were up to this month...
-You love Tummy Time, and don't tell your Dr. but you do most of your sleeping on your stomach
-You have started to get spoiled to being held, but I guess that's okay! It won't be long before you can't be held any more. TEAR.
-You can pretty much hold your head up whenever you want. You look like a little turtle when we burp you.
-You have rolled over twice...both times from your stomach to back.
-You used to love your carseat, but not so much any more.
-You will get RIGHT up next to me in the bed in the mornings after your morning feed. I will sneak out of the bed, and go to the other side so I don't smash you, and before I know it...you have scooted all the way across the bed to be right up next to me again! HOW SWEET!?
-I put you in your crib the other day while I folded clothes in your room. I set you in the horizontally, and you rooted around to make yourself vertical!
-Noise does not seem to bother you AT ALL, which is such a blessing!
-You didn't like bath time at first, but now you do! Mommy hasn't tackled it by herself yet though!
-You love your Daddy time at night, and I love seeing you & Daddy hang out!
-You have slept any where from 6-9 hours at night during this last month.
-You like to sleep in late like your Momma! =)
-You have started to snort when you drop your paci, and it is SO funny!
-You want to talk so bad! It warms my heart to just listen to all you have to say!
-You are still in all your newborn clothes. I have tried to put you in some 0-3 months, but they SWALLOW you! Hopefully before too long, we'll have a whole new wardrobe!
-You sleep naked (with diaper of course) most of the time, because your lil body just seems to get so hot!
-Keeping covers on you is completely impossible! You kick them off within seconds of me putting them on you!
-For the most part, you only cry when your hungry!
-You flick your feet when you are READY to eat, and it is SO funny!
-You get so excited when you see me getting ready to feed you, it's like I can't get ready fast enough!

We love you, and couldn't be any more in love with you!

My all time favorite picture!
With Auntie Allie @ Tiger Tunes! Can you believe I let her hold you looking like THAT? lol...

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