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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Day Before The Fourth!

We had a pretty normal Sunday for us, except for our had my sweet Punkin' all day!  His dad is getting him tomorrow so I had him all day today!  We went to Panera for lunch & Naynee is still here with us, so she got to join us at church & for lunch as well...so it was a lot of fun!  

Panera is right by Zaza's & when we pulled up Ryder said "ice-ceam".  I was AH-MAZZED that he recognized Zaza's because we always get gelato when we go there!  He is one smart cookie & doesn't miss a THINGGGG!

I had Uncle G snap some pictures of us before we left.  KeeKee accidently got a hold of Ryder's lip last night & cut it with her finger nail.  Actually...he ran into her...but he didn't cry or anything!  He just said "tough!"  Ha!

Just for a fun little comparison...Ryder first 4th of July last year!

We came home from lunch & got right in our bathing suits & headed to the pool with Uncle G!  We had a great afternoon out there, & there were a TOOOON of people.  I have NEVER seen so many people out there before.  It literally looked like a big pool party from PCB or something, where all you saw were people standing in the pool hanging out.  Kinda funny...

Ryder fell asleep before we even got home (in the 3 minute car ride).  I put him down for a nap & we said our prayers & for some ODD reason I didn't lean down to kiss him (I think I thought maybe he was already half way back asleep) & as I was walking out he was sitting up & said "kisses?"  It just melted my heart!  My sweet little 21 month old is all about routine & when Mama didn't kiss him he wanted his kisses!  

Another kissing story.  He was eating dinner in his highchair & said his hand hurt, so I kissed it & went & sat back down in my chair.  Then he said "kisses".  I was like...I just kissed it!  Then he pooched out his lips & leaned forward toward me...he wanted me to kiss him on the LIPS!  I was so happy!  When I kissed him, he said "nank you" (thank you).  #meltmyheart

We played around here & then went & got some FroYo with KeeKee, Pops & Naynee.  It was a great day with my little man & family!


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