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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phone Pics

I LOVE PHONE PICS!  This is where most of my pictures are, & I think I get a lot on my phone that I don't always get on my camera!  I am so glad that I can blog them!  =)

{View of the bay from our condo}

{Lunch date with my Punkin' one day at the beach}

{Lookin' at the "big boats"}

{This alligator was caught on Lake Hamilton!  PS.  Did I tell you my brother was one of FORTY SOMETHING in the state to get drawn for a GATOR tag!  :O  So happy for him!}

{He loved the kiddie pool & his "squirter"}

{With his Handy Manny saw (gun) at the mall in Foley}

{Last day at the beach..}

{out on the balcony on our last night there with my boy}

{Thank goodness for movies on iPads!}

{ANNNNND....my cousin Tonya is ENGAGED!!!  I am so happy for her & Luke & already can't wait for the BIG DAY!!}

{He got a hold of my glasses one night & put them on!}

{Ms. Allison came by to see us & hang out one afternoon!}

{Ryder's new bestie "Kenzie" stayed the night with us & Ryder fell in love with her even more!}

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