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Monday, July 18, 2011

Phone Pics

{my lil man's tan lines! & he WEARS SUNSCREEN SPF 70!}

{me & Whitters at the pool one Sunday afternoon!}

{my lil man out on the lake for the 1st time!}

{this is what happens when he plays in the sandbox=a bath in the middle of the day!}

{I told him to clean up one day & I came back to the room to see THIS--I was so impressed!}

{he has officially peed in the potty TWICE now after telling me has to go}

{isn't this a sweet face?}

{with Abbz at Waffle House one night!}

{snugglin' on the couch...lil man fallin' asleep}

{he went to his Mimi & Pawpaw's one night & came home with this coon skin hat!  TOO FUNNY!}

{watching Toy Story of the first time with Uncle G on Pop's iPad on the way to the beach!}

{the INSANE amount of people at the Gulf Shores Wal-Mart}

{he asked me to take a picture last night & the flash got him...but at least he's smiling!}

{Ryder's first day on the beach!}

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