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Friday, July 29, 2011

Story Time-

Just a few short stories about my lil man from this week...

  • The carhop at Sonic spilled my Dr. Pepper all over the side of my car & I love the carhop who did it, so I didn't really care, but that meant we had to go straight to the car wash before it dried!  Instead of going to the regular squirter one, I went to the one that looks like mops & oh boy..Ryder hated it!  HAT-TED iiiiittt!    Poor thing, I felt so bad, but what do you do...so I just had to sit there & comfort him the entire time!  Poor baby!
  • Dad & I converted his bed to a toddler bed this week, & so far it's been a no-go.  While we were converting it, a screw went missing & not two seconds before it was right on his train table!  We searched the whole dad gum room & there weren't too many places to look!  Finally, we realized Ryder had put the screw into one of the open holes on his bed!  He was just trying to help!
  • I have never had to rub Ryder's back or sing him a song when laying him down to go to sleep.  I have always just laid him down, said amen, kissed him & walked out of the room.  Well, the first night we attempted the whole toddler bed thing, I sang to him to try & get him to go to sleep!  "I know a boy & Ryder is his name, Ryder is his name oh Ryder is his name........"  We have sang this to him since the day he was born & he loved it then & still loves it today!  I attempted to leave the room 3 times & every time I did he would sit up & say, "Wy-der, name...Wy-der name?"  It was so sweet I just sat there & cried & kept singing the song to him!  
  • We have two Tangs (build a bear monkeys).  One is mine & one is his.  The other night we were snugglin' & we only had his, & I asked if I could have it & he said no, & I told him he needed to share.  He thought about it for a minute & then leaned over & handed me his Tang & said "share".  My heart just melted & I was a proud Mama!  =)  Not just because I got his Tang, but because he understood the concept!
  • There is this sweet lil girl at gymnastics whose name is AZ.  She is a bit wild like Ryder, but REALLY wild for a girl!  But she's a sweetheart...anyways, they kissed ON THE LIPS a couple times one day before gymnastics.  She pretty much came on to him, but he just went with it!  Ha!  Sometimes he will randomly say, "AZ...kiss!"  I'm like oh my word!  He's not even TWO!  Also, sometimes he calls AZ, Daisy from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Too funny!
  • Ryder has learned so many new words just THIS WEEK!  Including beautiful, trash truck, groceries, neighbor, scared, & dark.  He picks things up all the time & I just love it!
  • When Ryder gets up in the morning the first thing he does it look up at me & say "Good Morning!-Get Up!"  So sweet!  
  • I love my lil man so much & wish I could remember all the sweet & funny things that he does throughout the day, but I can't, but I try & blog what I do remember!  =)  
Happy Friday!!


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  1. hehe. that is so cute!
    Love the Wy-der name!

    How is sleeping in his big boy bed going??


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