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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Trip-Day 4

Mom & I got up on Thursday & went & finished up some shopping & then went & got pedicures.  I haven't had my toes done since the day before my wedding in 2009 so it was SUPER nice!  We were so thankful for G & Pops watching Ryder while mom & I did our thing!

Uncle G kept Ryder busy down at the kiddie pool & he was asleep when we got back, so I hit the beach!  When he woke up, mom brought him down to swim with me & G in the pool.
 We went to Crab Trap that night for dinner & it was OH SO GOOD!  It was fun because there was a playground for Ryder to play on & he of course loved it!  I was just impressed with all the things he knew how to do on the playground, because I've never been brave enough to let him try them on his own!  But who knew!  I guess you don't know until you try!

 {The kids meals came with a bucket & shovel & Ryder loved it!  Best free toy ever! & please ignore the ketchup on his shirt!  :P}
Me & G got some biggo crab legs & I ate it ALL & was proud of it!  =)  Then it was time to head back to the condo & pack our bags to head home early in the morning!

We had a great trip & are so blessed that we are able to go & Punkin' can makes these memories at such a young age.


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