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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lake Day!

Ryder & I were lucky enough to go to the lake with Pooh & her family yesterday!  I knew Ryder would LOVE it, but not as much as he REALLY did!  He was so happy out there & it made me so happy to see him so happy!  He loves Pooh & her family & you would think he had known them his whole life!  The last time we saw them was in October at Lindsey's wedding!

We had a great day...the boat didn't bother him at all, & we had him jumping off the back NON STOP!  All he wanted to do was "swiiiiiiim!"   Ha!  We would have to have Pretty Ricky stop the boat so Punkin could get out & "swiiiiiiiim"!  He even road on the inner-tube with me & Pooh & loved it so much!  I can't wait to get him back out on the water!

 {He loved helping Pretty Ricky drive!}

 {He loves his Pooh!}

 {My child is crazy...}

 {There were even some ducks out there & Punkin' wanted to feed them!  He's not scared of anything!}

 {Lou Lou was his new best friend!}

And just for kicks..here are a few pictures from my first "White Family Vacation At The Lake!"  Boy how times change!  =)

{I spent most of my time chillin' at the pool...}

{We made our nightly ventures to Miss Arkansas every night!}
{All the FRIENDS!-such a FUN week!}
{Cheering for Kristen!  So fun!}

Miss Arkansas starts tomorrow night & I am SO sad that I can't be there at all this year!  Watching it online will have to do!  I know a good number of girls from OBU competing this year, & I can't wait to see how each & every one of them do!  


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