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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 Months!

I love this age so much!  He is still learning new things every day & continues to amaze me with his understanding & knowledge.  He has such a tender heart & it shows every day as he intereacts with me, KeeKee & Pops & all of my friends!  It is just so sweet!
{he's saying "shhh"}

He loves all of his stuffed animals..AKA-"friends".  This is also where his tender heart comes in...he can't leave any of them out.  If they are insight, then he has to have them ALL if we are going some where, or going to the couch to snuggle.  & first things in the morning when he is ready to get up, I walk in & his has all of his friends in his arms...well the ones that he can fit.  He asks me to "take" the other ones for him & help him...Of course I do...but it kinda gets old dragging 10 "friends" from one end of the house to the other! :P
He is still such a great little sleeper.  Some mornings I have to wake him to go some where because he hasn't gotten up yet.  Sometimes I hate to get up & start getting around, because I know I'll probably wake him.  We still like to fit in a little snuggle session before we get up though if we can!  =)  & it's always his idea & I love that so much!
He would much rather drink from an adult's drink than his sippy.  It's easy when I have a to-go cup or a glass with a straw.  I often catch him drinking my drinks when I'm not in the room.  Problem is, if I let him have a sip, before I know it...THE WHOLE THING IS GONE!  He is a camel like his daddy!
We have enjoyed swimming so much & I can't wait to keep going every day that we can!  It also makes me look forward to our beach trip later on this year!  He is going to LOVE it!  & that will make this Mama HAPPY!
He pretty much repeats anything & everything I or anyone else says.  Including "oh gosh..."  There are also songs that come on the radio & before the chorus even starts to play, Ryder is singing it..haha!
He has learned how to "tip-toe" from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It is too funny!  He usually wants someone to do it with him...you have to hold his hand, hunch down & say "tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe".  
He loves Uncle G's friend "Hockey" (real name Hunter).  So the other day the sport, hockey was on TV & I was trying to tell Ryder that it was hockey..& poor baby got all confused.  Hunter told me to just tell Ryder that the sport was named after him! :P
We hung out with Uncle G at the pool last week & Ryder went down the slide for the first time!  I would set him up there about half way & let go & Uncle G would catch him in the pool!  He LOVED it & cried when we stopped..but it was wearing us out!  One time G let him go down the slide & I caught him, & Ryder's foot got caught on the slide so when he was about to hit the water, he did a face plant & did a complete flip into the water.  I was worried about him, but he came up just as fine as cane be...no big deal!
There was a noodle at the pool that was completely messed up & Ryder brought it to me & said "broke.  fix it."  I was like baby I can't fix that for you...it's broken!  Ha!

21 month stats:

-He is wearing 2T & 24 month clothes
-Size 7 shoe!
-He is such a good fruit eater, his latest favorite is pineapples!
-He has started to respond by saying "yeah" while shaking his head. It is just too funny to hear him say that & be so serious about it!
-I just moved him up to size 5 diapers but they are still too big
-He is staying with KeeKee two days a week & Mary Beth is coming over here to watch him 3 days a week while Mama goes to school.
-Whenever I ask him if he wants to go swimming, he always says "no" but is so happy to be there when we get there!


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