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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I haven't updated about the case, but I've been watching!  Today was CRAZZZY!  The whole situation is sad & I am not taking it light by any means, but I just think these jurors are DUMB if they don't convict this mother of what she has done!  Yes, I am so interested in it...& how people (mothers) could actually do this kind of stuff.

Earlier this week, a man from the "body farm" talked about hairs from the trunk of Casey's car & cans of "air" from Casey's trunk as well.  The State made a HUUUGE mistake by showing the witness the wrong can & of course doing what he was supposed to do (& assuming the State would show him the right peice of evidence) he said, that yes he had processed that can etc.  Well come to find out it was the wrong one...& that just gave Jose Baez more stuff to role with!  GAH I hate him!  He looks/sounds so dumb up there 99% of the time!

Today, pictures were shown of little Caylee's skeletal remains, specifically the head.  It was especially sad to listen to them talk about it....but I think this is a good time for the jury to actually see what they are dealing with & they have GOT to be making some decisions in their minds.  I know some of them have stopped taking notes altogether.  This is kinda a sign to me that they already know what they are going to decide & don't need to take notes to look back on later during the "decision making process."

I still just don't know how Casey & her team of attorney's think they have ANY chance at winning!!  It is a waste of their time & MONEY!  If it truly was an ACCIDENT, don't you think Casey would have admitted to it being an "accident" in the pool that day & not have spent a pointless 3 years in prison?

They had to end court early today because Miss Anthony was "ill".  The jury was not told this & asked not to speculate on why they were released early.

What are your thoughts?  Has anything made your change your mind?  What do you think about the State's witnesses so far?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear!


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  1. I've been watching the case live every day almost... This whole thing makes me so sick to my stomach. The fact that they found the duct tape that was put over her nose and mouth [supposedly] made me SUPER sad!! Casey is a crazy person... I'm with you. If it was an "accident" she should have come out with that a LONNNGGG time ago. Not just trying to plead no guilty and throwing her father under the bus. I hope she realizes what she has done. And I think the option of the death penalty is a fair punishment... I'm not even a mom yet, but I have NO FREAKING CLUE how you could ever do anything like that to your child. It makes me so sad.


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