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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Week's Phone Pics!

Obviously summer school has taken over my life...but here's a few things that went on with us last week!

When I saw this, I literally cried!  I would love to have 2 more little boys & then a little girl!  & I hope their all as cute as these little boys!  

 I bought this cute little pitcher at my favorite place-TJ Maxx--& it matched my kitchen PERFECTLY, but I dropped the bag it was in while I was carrying it inside the house.  I was sad, but I might craft something with the broken pieces.  
 My lil man passed out on the couch!
 I love this tattoo idea!  Kid's birth dates!  I might just have to do this in the near future...NOT on my back though!  ;)
 Does it get any cuter than THIS?
 ...& THIS is why I don't have a PC.  uhhh...they piss me off every time I have to use them!!

 One day last week Ryder just played & played & played & showed no signs of slowing down!  He didn't even want to eat lunch until 3 o'clock & then he kept falling asleep in his high chair!  Ha!
 Auntie Allie came to see us one night last week & she watched Ryder while I went to class (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) & then we went up to the pool, ate some lunch & played & played!  It was a great visit & Ryder just LOVES her!  We will miss her when she goes to Birmingham!  
 This is my cousin Sterling, 3 or 4 years ago...& right when I saw it I thought it looked a lil bit like Ryder!  I just wish Ryder would eat the meat off a rib!  :P
My crazy child climbing up on the sides of the bath tub!  Ha!  Look at his little tan lines!  =)


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